On the third day of walking, I went with Turtle to Disney.

But not to ride the rides or enjoy the magical experience...

To audition.

That's right. Audition for a character. They had casting today and about 300 people showed. I was number 103. Turtle found out about it, and then I decided what the heck, I'd tag along and see what happened.

We got our picture taken and measured for height and filled out this form, then we went back to audition. The audition consisted of learning a simple routine, aka dancing. Oops. It was ala parade style and we had to march 4x, do a jazz square, skip 4x, and then do two pivot turns. Simple, right? They wanted to see my personality and pizzazz in those 14 counts. Ooh la la.

Except I failed. Because I can't skip. Or really dance. Not on this leg. I can barely walk. My jazz square had spirit fingers and okay footwork, and the marching was amazing, but the pivot turns were more painful than pretty.

After the audition we sat down and chatted with some of the 280's who hadn't gone yet. Then they called us up, and oh yeah, we were in the very very first group of cuts. Granted I didn't tell any of the people that I had a broken leg and have only been walking for three days so that's why my skipping was pretty much eye-rending, only the people nearby we were auditioning with. Some said that I should have told them, but I didn't really want an unfair advantage. I hadn't really expected to get anywhere once I knew what the audition was, but hey, you can hope.

The lady who cut us went on and on about how fierce the competition is, and how we can come back for acting or dance calls, etc., and said like 5x the same thing over and over before she said we aren't keeping you. Say I'm out and be done with it.

Then as we were leaving we had to go through all the people still waiting and they totally started clapping. I'm sure to them they wanted to be consoling and congratulatory for our attempt, but it was a) embarrassing, b) patronizing, and c) wholly offensive. When they clapped the message I saw was, "Hey, way to suck so I have a better chance." Frickin' stuck-up jerks.

There were also people there who are so totally actors or so totally over-dramatic, and suddenly, I wasn't sure I all that much miss acting anymore. Some of the people just made me want to commit suicide right in front of them so they'd stop being so gosh darn cheesy and bubbly. Just settle down a bit and stop trying to behave like everyone in the entire room should be paying attention to you and only you. Eesh.

So dancing on the leg after only 3 days = fail. Better luck next time to me.


Randi said…
This post just made my day. I had some friend who worked for Disney and they hated it. I guess they don't treat you very well. So its probably for the best.

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