Beyond Poor [Warning: Content Rated PG-13]

I have attained a new level in poverty in my life, akin to my days of freshman-ness when I would only eat veggie sandwiches at Subway because they were a buck and a quarter. The stamp program was my Godsend. My excitement was uncontainable when I got 8 stamps... because I got to EAT MEAT!!! I never thought I would reach that level again. But I have. And surpassed.

1. I now shop at Wal-mart. I never in my entire life thought those words would leave my mouth(fingers?).
2. This is only AFTER getting everything I can at the DOLLAR TREE. *uncontrollable sobbing*
3. I had this fun experience today:
I found an ad on craigslist: "I need a qualified writer who can write detailed reports on varied websites. Qualified candidates must be 18+ of age. This will be part time work" and then it was signed with the person's name.

So I emailed said person about the position with my resume, and said I hoped to hear more if I fit the qualifications. Not 5 minutes later, I received a response.

Hi there,

Thanks for your interest in the website reviewer position. We are currently looking for honest people with a keen eye for detail to visit various adult sites online and write the things they like and dislike about each. We will require 12 reviews per week which are due by 2pm every Friday.

The starting wage for this post is $350 per week which rises after 6 months. No previous experience is required for this position. The only requirement we have is that you submit a 100-word review of the members area at a pre-selected site [website removed]. The site offers a free trial so don't worry about any costs.

Please submit this review to [email removed] within 48 hours if you're interested in this home-based position.

Thanks for your time.

R E A L L Y??? Did someone really just ask me via a supposed job to sign up for and look at Porn?!? I was flabbergasted... and then proved myself poorer than ever by considering taking the job!!! O.o

(Addendum: Don't worry, I didn't. But still...)


Melissa said…
Wow hon. I'm sorry. All I've had to deal with lately is a couple stitches and a bad breakup. But they said $350 a week? J/k. Still....
JackieE said…
HA! I cannot believe that! My boss is hiring but it doesn't involve too much writing other than emails. You should apply because I would love to see your beautiful face every day!
Bravone said…
Hey, can you hook me up with that job? ;)

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