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The time has arrived. (Almost. X.x) I now have in my possession all the photos I've been working on amassing (except for the small setback that one of the cds I was sent has lots of corrupt data. Oi vey... But we're working on it! Attempting to recover as much as possible from the CRC errors. Thanks be to great friends who are SMART about that sort of thing!) Soon. Soon.

Nigh is the day in which you will be absolutely INUNDATED with stories about me, me, and me. :) Oh, and my summer.

For the now:

- I am doing everything I can to not let my bed rule my life, and get up like a normal person. That way I stave off things like despair, depression, and despondency. Very helpful, I must say.

- Applying, applying, applying for jobs. I try to spend at least 2 hours a day working on job hunting, and have now found a lovely recruiter who is helping things along splendidly. Excellent. There is still hope.

- I recently enjoyed a long sit-down with some delicious graphic novels. I must say, I kind of really, really love comics. And I read 8 of them. Large, multiple editions in one place, 8.

- I have also been reading voraciously. Just yesterday heralded a new trip to the library for more goodies. I now have many sequels in my envious fingers. The Subtle Knife (Book 2 of His Dark Materials by Phillip Pullman), Sensitive (sequel to Nina Wright's Homefree), and the sequels to AutumnQuest by Terie Garrison (which hasn't appeared in a review... it's in the one still sitting in my draft box). Also soon, soon. Little nervous about these since I loved the first one SO much, because the next three are already out, and that makes me bite my nails a little. 3 books published in one year? Rush jobs frighten me! Please don't let the series be ruined. I'm still excited though because AutumnQuest ended all too quickly, and these are all at least 3x thicker. Which could go either way. I'm also in the middle of Ender's Shadow, Card's parallel novel to Ender's Game, which I loved. I really want to put it down and get to some of the others; which are smaller and would be a quicker digest, but I can't! I'm to the point now where I'm also going over Ender's Game again as I read to see just how the parallels match. Addict. Book reviews coming SOON!

- In light of my recent spat with graphic novels, I've gotten the kids into the X-men movies (which I love and passionately hate all at once - see why in my next movie review)

- Turtle and I aren't reading anything or watching anything together, so we've taken up gaming instead. Ha. I've introduced her to the MYST series (though the first is altogether unplayable since it's for 256 colors windows). But I did manage (after some finagling, re-writing part of a file, and discovering "compatibility mode") to actually get the lil' Windows 95 sequel game (Riven) to run. Only the save feature was broken, so we had to play it in one sitting, which kept us up til almost 6am. Oops. Ruined my schedule for the next day, but I recovered. And we've now started into MYST III: Exile, which happens to be my favorite.

- Finally, as part of my "daily routine" I'm working to establish, I've allotted myself 1.5 hours per day for writing. So far this has solely been dedicated to polishing and editing my novel, but I HAVE been doing it. I've been writing again, YAY! Praise the Gods (who are kinda dead in my book, but my characters are working on that :P)!

That's all for now.

Issue Next: Summer '09 Word Vomit Edition (with pictures!)


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