2010: The Year I Failed at Blogging 1.0

Well, 2010 is over. Anybody else feel like that one went faster than the Enterprise at Warp 10? Because blink. Blink. Blink. Done?!

Since I just barely talked finished talking about 2009, I think it's time for an overdue recap. Which may or may not be worse than a baby that refuses to be born... >.>

So 2010. I started the year as a hopeless addict.

I worked. And worked. And worked. Which is not entirely a bad thing. Sure helps the finance department to not call me complaining everyday. The days bled away. Occasionally I did something fun. Like laser tag or werewolves. I did my best to maintain my social life, but really it was pretty quiet.

In March, we did go to the Festival of Colors which was SO FUN.

Chalk Everywhere! The celebration was great. We stayed for both crazy sessions of chalk throwing. At the countdown the first time I remember that the whole world went BLACK. I couldn't see ANYTHING. Like really. It was kind of scary. I had a blip thought of post-apocalypse bomb-detonation. But I'm weird, so...

We were so dirty after it was over. Like so gross. I think there's chalk in my teeth in that last picture.

By the end, we were covered head to foot. Literally. So chalked. When we got home, our clothes weren't even allowed inside with us. I think I had blue snot for a week. And holy hair treatment needed after that gunk was in there!

Pretty fun stuff.

April was my birthday, which Turtle did all herself to try and compete with me (shyeah right). Apparently she was messaging and texting and coordinating behind my back like crazy. I was so upset. And she didn't want to tell me anything, not even what clothes I needed to wear - which is of paramount importance. I finally got her to reveal that we were going to laser tagging (so I needed to be wearing all black! As I said: paramount). I was so excited, "Oh! Are people coming?!" She was all: "Dang! I should have thought of that! Next year I guess. It's just us." I totally 100% believed her. She's such a liar. She made me close my eyes while we got my cake (I learned later) also. There were totally people! Scomers, Li and Jer, Bex, Jerems, Stevo and TJ. It was so great!

Playing laser tag with all my friends against little bratty 9-year olds was perfection. Then because it was my birthday I got the "royal treatment."

I got TP'ed. Along with some 12-year old. I love bein' a kid! Then we adjourned to a reserved room for ice cream cake.

We even made the employee checking on us hang out and have a piece!

That's her in the middle, giving the thumbs up. Since we were so nice to share our cake, she gave us all free passes to come back and play again! Holla!

Then Sunday morning Turtle told me I needed to be ready at a certain time. But nothing else. Then people started coming. Ooo, what are we doing? Where are we going? It was werewolves! We had a big group and played outside in the sun. Even Tabs and Ian came!

Turtle wanted to buy me the game, but she looked and looked and couldn't find it anywhere. Sad. But we had a blast playing. It was a little chilly, but so much fun.

To round out the celebration, we went to P-town to see Billy and Hallie for a birthday dinner! So cool! He hadn't been able to come up, so we went down to see him.

They made Birthday Enchiladas! Nom nom nom. What a great friend/ex-roomie! Love that kid! It was such a spectacular birthday! All planned without me, all surprise, so many friends! Thanks everyone who came. And a BIG thanks to Turtle for planning it, pulling it off, and making it so memorable! Love ya! Muah.

2010 was also the year my sister was in treatment. I will do a separate series of posts about her. They are too important to be recapped here. :) Thank you again to everyone who helped! I can't say that enough.

I also joined a Frisbee League Team and loved every minute of it. Ultimate is so freakin fun! So much running! lol

Next post will be my recap of Summer 2010! Stay tuned...


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