2010: The Year I Failed at Blogging 3.0

2010 can't be complete without Halloween! One of the very first events hosted at my new house (pictures will come someday - as will actual gatherings... but first I need to buy a couch. And a vaccuum, before I unveil such things - sorry), was the Pumpkin Carving Party!

One didn't seem like enough for me, so I decided to do two this year. Jessie and some others came over, but not everyone carved. Oh well, I make up for them.

Pumpkin #1 Werewolf (in honor of my friends and their undying love of the game):

And Pumpkin #2 Kids Trick-O-Treating:

They looked awesome and we had so much fun carving them!

The first weekend in November I was crazy enough to go camping with friends, which ended up being a lot of fun, albeit a little cold. For Thanksgiving this year, I hosted my own dinner instead of going somewhere else. I slated it as a dinner for those who had nowhere to go. 12 people came and we ate, and laughed, and had so much fun. My boss was kind enough to let us have it in the large conference room at my work (my dining table only seats 4). Once we were stuffed, we played SCUM until we could muster room for dessert.

And to wrap up 2010, the Christmas trip. I went home for a brief visit. After traveling 12 hours, my dad got me and we were headed home, when he asked if I would call and find out if we needed anything. The call came back that we needed a new Sander. For what? Oh, was I to find out. We went to one store and they didn't have what we wanted, so we had to go to another one. And they of course, couldn't find it. The employees were USELESS. They supposedly had 11 of this brand in stock, and couldn't find a single one. With 6 people looking. AFter 40 minutes, I fed up and had them sell us a better one at reduced price. We got back to the car, and oh. The fuel pump's gone out and it won't start.

Shaping up to be an AWESOME break. T_T

I hate Florida. We did a family dinner one night which was fun, especially the drive home. My sister telling stories is a crack-up everytime. We got my dad laughing so hard he was crying and couldn't see and I had to drive from the passenger seat. He and my mom were both gone beyond the point of return.

I also got to play Frisbee two of the days, which was alright. But it's interesting to me how much organized Frisbee has affected me. The kids my bro plays with play the Ultimate Disorganized Ultimate. I felt like I was playing soccer with 4-year olds - everyone just chases the disc. No one knows who they are guarding...ever. Ugh.

As for the sander... someone had the genius idea we'd take down the playcenter (swing set, slide, climbing wall, etc) that had been rotting in my backyard for the last 6 years because none of us are small enough to play on it, and we'd gift it to someone else. Well, unfortunately, that involved A LOT more than we'd anticipated. There were bolts rusted through, boards that were broken, the entire bottom foot of the thing had rotted away, and oh yeah, there were carpenter ants in some of the support beams. So 4 of us spent 3 days straight pretty much from sun-up to sun-down working. Drilling holes, hammering, sanding, painting, staining, reattaching pieces, and trying to keep everything straight.

One of the evenings while my sisters and mom went to a party, us "guys" went out and saw TRON: Legacy (review forthcoming).

On Christmas Eve, after our dinner, and the grandparents were in bed, we started our journey. The truck we were supposed to use wouldn't start, so we borrowed one. But it had the smallest bed in the history of trucks. We loaded up at 11pm and went over to the delivery site where reassembly would commence. Except we weren't drilling and fitting all the base pieces, and then my dad didn't think the bags we'd been meticulous about putting together, so pieces wouldn't get confused, had the right pieces. Ugh. We ended up bickering and arguing, and it was freezing cold outside, and I got angry. It was a Christmas Disaster. We worked until 6am, and then still only had it 3/4s together, at which point we said screw this and went home. Poor kids. They'd go back and finish it later in the week (I'd already be back in Utah). Then I got 2 hours of sleep, half of which was on a hardwood floor because my makeshift bed fell apart, before we were roused to open presents. I headed up the proud "Grouch Couch." Eesh.

Definitely a Christmas to remember. lol. We are some kind of crazy in my family. And that was pretty much my whole "vacation." I was happy to help and I'm sure the family is appreciative of our gift, but I had the Scrooge bug this year. I was upset that I didn't get to spend any quality time. We played a game once. We didn't have time to go shopping, or eat out (other than the one night). We were going to see another movie (as a whole family) and didn't have time. A lot of things didn't pan out this year like I wanted. But I guess that's the apt definition of life, ain't it? Never works how you want it to, and you have to be flexible, and accept that.

New Year's Eve was anti-climatic as well. Went to my friends and had a game night, which was fun. I'm used to more raucous all-out partying though, and there was none of that around this year. And Turtle was in Cali. So the end of 2010 was kind of a dud for me, though overall, 2010 was a pretty rockin year.

Coming soon: Final book reviews, movie reviews, and the Best of 2010!


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