Movies VI (partial - rounding out 2010)

Dark Water - Grade: B-. Another scary one! This one's also bee on my list for years. Finally got around to seeing it. I figured out the whole story in like 3 minutes. So not so good writing. Also, most of the "scary" parts were just thrown in. For that reason. Not to aide the story or anything like that. They were ridiculous.

Inception (x2)
- Grade: A++. Unbelievable. That sums up this movie experience. I went back and saw it again the very next day. It was JUST that good. When's the last time I saw such an original storyline? Such a thought-provoking plot? Such all-around phenomenal acting? I can't even tell you, that's when. This movie was MIND-BLOWING amazing. I can't say anything else other than, IF YOU HAVEN'T SEEN IT YET, DO SO NOW.

Toy Story 3 - Grade: A. The original Toy Story came at the perfect age for me, and I loved it. Toy Story 2 was eh. But this one was just beautiful. I totally cried. When the movie was done, I wanted to fly to Florida as fast as I could, get out all my boxed up toys and spend hours playing with them. I don't even know how many hours of my childhood were spent off in other worlds using my toys as the conduits. At least half? This movie was charming, and cute, and I loved it.

Despicable Me - Grade: B. This movie wasn't as good as Toy Story 3 but it was well-done and had some laughs. Not quite up there with Monsters vs. Aliens, but there were some laughs.

Never Let Me Go - Grade: B-. I was SO nervous for this movie. It's like one of my FAVORITE BOOKS. EVER. EVER. EVER. Got it? Yeah, I think you did. The movie went WAY fast about revealing the true plot, which is far more efficiently doled out in the book. But it worked. There were some scenes that were definitely added and not part of the book plot, and I tried SO hard to wrest myself from making those comparisons. But I struggled. If you haven't read the BOOK, you NEED to. If you aren't a reader, then seeing the movie is acceptable. But this one will always be better as a book. I've always compared it to the The Sixth Sense in book form - the longer you read, the more you realize what's actually going on, and it's freaky amazing.

Star Trek (again) - Grade: A. In a continuing effort to give Turtle some sci-fi/fantasy education, on a whim we watched this one weekend. At like 2am. It was on instant play on netflix, so I said let's watch! Even though I was exhausted. This was not my first time seeing this movie (so it doesn't really count). Although I will say that the second time around, the whole what 'verse is this (alternate v. real) made much more sense to me and I enjoyed the movie more. A great movie that gets my vote for new and old trekkies alike.

TRON: Legacy - Grade: B. So often I have qualms about movies when I'm not told beforehand if it's a sequel or a re-make or what. Thankfully, I knew going in what this was: a Sequel. Excellent. Bring it. The graphics were picturesque and stunningly beautiful. The plot was not completely dry either. The whole cg'ed face of Clu was problematic at times, and others I didn't notice. Dependent on the programmer I guess. My one complaint with this movie was the pacing. It was slow. In more than one place. And with the capabilities of CG these days, with plane fights like the car fights, I want more of that. I want to see more games. More heart-pounding, awesome games. Oh, and the soundtrack was wonderful. So glad Daft Punk was invited to do it - can't think of anyone more perfect.

I'm sure I'll see more movies in 2011!


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