Top of the Charts in 2010

Hey! Look! It's not even February yet and I'm getting to the Tops of 2010! Go me! I'm doing so much better than 2010.

You already read the Best of 2010, right? If not, go there first, silly.

There's no confusion this year about my play counts, but they are significantly lower than 2009. I dunno if that's because all I listen to is Pandora now, or what. But way lower. The #1 of 2010 is just over half of the plays #25 had in 2009. LOL

So let's get to business, shall we? WOW, it's quite the SHAKE-UP! Only THREE songs returning this year from last. All the rest have been ousted from the list. Some have returned from 2008 though!

25. Dirty Little Secret by The All-American Rejects (86), a newcomer! Yay! I don't know that I actually love this song... it's just that it's the first on my playlists, so if I just hit play this one comes on. So maybe it's here by default?
22. Fighting by Yellowcard (87), I don't think I owned these until the very, very end of '09, so all YC will be new this year. But have to say I love em. As you'll see, I'm sure.
22. Go by Boys Like Girls (87), there was no BLG on last year's count? I think I asked this in 09? What was I listening to? (The answer: The Classic Crime). This album was another one I acquired near the termination of 2009. That seems to be when I buy all my music. Strange. Anyway, this song is really inspirational, and when I listen to it, I always think of Turtle and her journey to "normalcy."
22. The Great Escape by Boys Like Girls (87), one that returns from 2008 to the charts. This was 4th in 08, and didn't place in '09. Now it's creeping back in at 22!
20. Do It For Me Now by Angels and Airwaves (88), I'm so excited for their new album to drop in March! This is another re-surfacer from 2008. It was 13th then, and comes in tied for 20th now. Exciting!
20. Lifeline by Angels and Airwaves, one of the songs that has been in the top 25 since I started keeping track! *APPLAUSE* It dropped 14 spots between 2008 and 2009, but makes a comeback for 2010 climbing back up 5 spots. W00t!
19. A Little's Enough by Angels and Airwaves (90), can you tell I like this band? Another one that's been constant on the charts. 9 in 2008, down to 13 in 2009, now dropped 6 spots to 19th. Will it disappear next year?
18. Shot Heard Round The World by Boys Like Girls (91), most of these are really close together. There's alot of room for change - one listen to a playlist even. But another great song. (Duh, why else would it be on here?)
17. Better Days by the Goo Goo Dolls (92), another of our hang-er-out-ers. Premiering in 3rd in 2008, it dropped to 20th in 2009, now it's climbed 3 spots back to 17th. It is a fantastic song, that I never mind listening to. Wonder how long it will kick around?
15. Perpetual by VNV Nation (93), and cue the German Goth music. I didn't own any of these for the majority of 2009, so it's only natural they are all over the charts in 2010. But now that Pink has moved away, and I work late, and live downtown, we don't really go anymore. So I'll be interested to see if these are still chart-topping in 2011.
15. Seattle by The Classic Crime (93), oh I *do* still listen to this band. LOL Funny though that this is one of their songs that's never been in my top 25 before. It's a good one. Especially if you live there ;) Also something to note is that last year, there were EIGHT TCC songs. And none of them made it this year. None. Except this one. Has the balance of favoritism shifted? dun dun dun!
14. Holding on by VNV Nation (95), I'm telling you. There's so much VNV this year. They are the most prolific band of 2010.
13. Everything's Magic by Angels and Airwaves, (99), yet another returner from the 2008 charts, where it debuted at number 5.
11. Light Up The Sky by Yellowcard (100), when I got these cds, they are all I listened to for like 2 weeks straight. Over and over. Because they were just great.
11. Believe by Yellowcard (100), isn't it fun when bands tie themselves? Double pat on the back for 11th.

10. Structure by VNV Nation (102), yup, listened to alot of Goth in 2010. For which people will think me so. weird.

9. Chrome by VNV Nation (109), I blame Pink for getting me hooked on them. And they are just so good to play when you're writing also. Nice techno/metal, some songs without words...

8. Electronaut by VNV Nation (111), I did see them live in 2010 as well, so I guess that counts for something. Seriously though, I didn't feel like I listened to them THAT much in 2010. :)

7. Shadows and Regrets by Yellowcard (113), love, love, love this song. My fave Yellowcard song methinks. Especially love singing this one out loud >.> When no one else is around, of course <.<

6. Genesis by VNV Nation (119), ahhhhh! The Germans are taking over! So 6 of the 25 songs are VNV. That's almost 1/4! Eesh, you dominating band. LOL

5. Chase You Down by Making April (135), yeah, you see THAT jump? It's because I listened to this album ALL THE TIME in 2010. And not just on my ipod, the cd as well. Like. All. The. Time.

4. All of Yours by Making April (140), yeah. VNV may have the most songs, but Making April dominates the TOP of the TOP. Solidly, except for one exception (I'll get there).

3. Roses and Butterflies by Making April (145), I said at the end of 2009 that I may have discovered a new favorite band. I wasn't kidding either. Making April is a brilliant, wonderful band, whose lead singer, Sean Scanlon, has unforgettable vocals. And in some of the songs he holds his notes for absolutely RIDICULOUS amounts of time. Even his cousin is a phenomenal singer (you REALLY should watch that one).

2. Marchin On by OneRepublic (186), wait, what? Where the HECK did THAT come from?! 145 jumped to 186? And what song is that? Oh wait, that's one of the songs off their new album. Which I bought on Black Friday. Which means I had 36 DAYS to listen to this song... and it's NUMBER TWO?! Well, let me explain. I may have had some rough days in 2010, and this song became my mantra. And I may or may not have listened to it, and only it, on repeat. For hours. And days. And that's how it squeezed itself in at number two (surprised even me, lemme tell ya. I didn't think for a second I'd listened to it THAT MUCH).

And finally, ousting not only the #1 SONG of 2009, but the BAND that was the top for 2008 AND 2009 (which didn't even have ONE song on the charts this year), the #1 song of 2010 is:

1. THESE ARE THE NIGHTS BY MAKING APRIL with a whopping 189 listens! (Can you believe Marchin' On in 36 days almost BEAT it?! 3 more listens woulda been all!!! Crazy!) Anyone who was with me in 2010 knows I absolutely LOVE TO DEATH this song, so it comes as no surprise to me that this song stands alone at the top, declaring itself my #1. Making April really is an amazing band, and I hope they put some new stuff out in 2011!

Until next year, keep listening to muzak peeps!


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