Top of the Charts in 2009

Yes I know. It's pretty much 2011, and I'm still talking about 2009. Honestly, sometimes I get so far behind I feel like quitting and never writing another blog. Ever. But sigh.

Let's forget about the fact that we are in month 5 of 12, and pretend it's still January. I mean, the weather outside TOTALLY reflects the "still-January" mindset. Why shouldn't my blog? (Other than the fact that I'm so sick of snow I might die).

So in 2008, I joined the masses in the world of iTunes. One year (and 5 months we are erasing) later, I still abhor iTunes. But kind of love my ipod. Like alot. So I guess it's a love/hate relationship.

Anyway, I already did my Tops of 2009, except MUSIC. So let's get on with it shall we?

First off, I must say that the play counts are all kinds of skewed. I had iTunes only for a limited time in 08, so the difference in clear. The #1 song of 2008 had 122 plays, whereas the #25 song in 2009 had 260, more than double, lol.

25. Lifeline by Angels and Airwaves (260), down 14 spots. Ouch.
23. When They Came For Us by Shiny Toy Guns (261), new to the count this year. I can't believe this band wasn't in my top 25 last year! What?
23. Save Us by Cartel (261), another newcomer. Again, no Cartel last year? What the heck was I listening to? Eesh.
20. Better Days by Goo Goo Dolls (266). Dropped 17 spots! The freshness of owning Dolls music must have worn off? Heh.
20. The Beginning (A Simple Seed) by The Classic Crime (266), Classic Crime had 2 songs in '08, including the #1; however, this song is new here. Welcome, welcome.
20. Sing by The Classic Crime (266), same as previous. Interesting.
16. Ghost Town by Shiny Toy Guns (267). More Shiny. Love Shiny. The numbers are really close this year! Lots of ties.
16. Your Call by Secondhand Serenade (267). Once again, new song, same band. I'm a traditionalist I guess.
16. Broken by Lifehouse (267), this one dropped 11 spaces. Man, my music isn't very consistent, huh? My favorites like to move around a bunch.
16. First Time by Lifehouse (267). The title says how it feels.
14. Tell Me Why by P.O.D. (268), new band AND new song! YAY. I didn't own this album in 2008, so it couldn't be in my Top 25.
14. We All Look Elsewhere by The Classic Crime (268). I think I like The Classic Crime >.>
13. A Little's Enough by Angels and Airwaves (269), drops 4 spots. Almost consistent.
12. It's My Life by Bon Jovi (270), say what and who? I think maybe I miss High School and Performing Arts? LOL

10. Say The Word by The Classic Crime (271). Def on a Classic Crime kick in 2009. I only saw them twice in concert in the space of 6 months...
10. When The Time Comes by The Classic Crime (271), from 2 to 10. Harsh. But still here.

8. Time Of Your Life by Green Day (272), Oooh! This one moved up 7 spots! Congrats my Green Day. Wish I could see you on Broadway...
8. This Is Our Town by Broken Image (272), another move UP! Woot! We've gained 5 spots. Here's the thing about this band. I've been listening to them since FOREVERS. You probably know them as the super-famous We The Kings, formerly known as DeSoto, formerly known as Broken Image. But I was listening long before they became We The Kings, or popular and rich. It's also true that they have a new version of This Is Our Town out, which plays on my Pandora sometimes, but I have the old-school original... which I love. Stupid fame and popularity. Sigh.

7. Salt in the Snow by The Classic Crime (273), wow these numbers are so close! This song moves up 8 spots for the biggest jump up yet. You rock, The Classic Crime. *hearts*

5. Fall For You by Secondhand Serenade (275), YIKES! Our #1 song has been de-throned! How exciting!! Who's going to win?!
5. Hanging By A Moment by Lifehouse (275), WOW all the way from 15th to 5th! Who knew that such a song from FOREVER ago could still be such a part of my life! I do have to say this was like the first song I remember hearing on the radio and being like absolutely madly in love with (True Confession *wink*).

4. Adam's Song by Blink-182 (276), 11 SPOTS UP! Holy Amazing Blinkman!

3. Closer Than We Think by The Classic Crime (277). Seriously, one more listen could have completely re-done our Top 25. This is CRAZY! (and I totally love it)

2. I Know The Feeling by The Classic Crime (279), Sheesh. That's the 8th song on my Tops for The Classic Crime. I think they must be like my favorite band EVER (tis true! At least for 2009, >.> dun dun dun!)

And finally, moving up SEVEN SPOTS from 2008, the #1 Song of 2009 was:

1. IT'S NOT OVER BY SECONDHAND SERENADE with a whopping 281 plays! YES!!! So we have a new reigning champ song, but the band stays the SAME. Which I find very intriguing considering I don't feel like I ever purposely PICK Secondhand Serenade and just play them, though I know for fact I do that with other bands. Hmmm... methinks my SHUFFLE setting is biased!

Well congrats to IT'S NOT OVER, which I find a fitting song for 2009 - where my life almost was, but I fought and I'm still here, which is the message in this song.

Phew. Now I can FINALLY reset my iTunes and get all my new music on my iPod. I've been waiting almost half a year! And let me warn you now I use my iPod ALL the time, so the numbers will be even higher this year! And I've got tons of new music, so expect to see new bands! I may even have a new FAVORITE BAND *gasp* <.<



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