I was curious and tried to find if my accident ever made it in a newspaper... haven't found it yet, but I did find this from the North Logan Fire Department:

"AUTOMOBILES - Slow down and pay attention. Pedestrians struck by a car moving at 20 mph have a 95% chance of survival. At 30 mph that rate drops to 55%. At 40 mph there is only a 15% survival rate."

So what's the going rate for 45...?

I should be even more dead than I thought before.

God bless miracles.

I'm really tired. WIFYR was amazing, as usual. But extra so this year because of the people I got to hang out with. They really are some freaking cool peeps.

In other news, I tried to go bowling tonight. The first part was skittle bowling, but then the last half we tried to bowl regular.

And I couldn't. Like at all. And instead of taking it in stride (haha), it just pissed me off. I couldn't get my feet right, it made my leg hurt, and my throws were off everytime.

I hate my accident. And I hate that woman. Still. So much for healing.

Last night Turtle and I went and saw Classic Crime in concert. Well, actually it was Relient K in concert, with Classic Crime and Owl City opening. We met up with Michael and friend Mallory while still waiting to get in. Funny thing is I got new kicks like an hour before the show, and the shoes I left behind were the EXACT pair Michael was sporting. That would have been so awkward!

They opened the doors 30 mins late and the line had already been long when we got there. But we got onto the floor, about midway in. And it got HOT so fast. Stinky body hot. And then the concert didn't even start on time. Oi Vey!

But finally CC came on and me and Turtle ROCKED. I love them so incredibly much I could just ooze gushiness for hours about them. They were great as usual, though I could have done without the unruly crowd who insisted on moshing and pushing so that we were falling on one another and Mallory kept getting super poked in places that upset her greatly. Since on this tour they weren't the main attraction (except for me) I didn't think it would be appropriate to make them play my fave song, but afterwords I reminded them that they better be practicing it.

After CC rocked my world and the house, we left the stage area (much to M&M's sadness, sorry guys!), and went to hang with the band in the merch area. Turtle even introduced herself to the guitar player she thought was smoking hawt.

We kicked around through Owl City (who no offense to fans) didn't impress us much. I prefer Secondhand Serenade anyday.

Relient K came on and the whole place was singing along. I know like two of their songs? So we didn't really participate, but eh. We watched some of it.

Then eventually Pink came to get us for Goth Dancing. I got turned around on the drive back to the house somehow (which is so crazy because I never lose my sense of direction), so that was a nightmare and a a half. Once we finally got there we got changed, and the little kids who weren't asleep kept giving us strange looks, lol. Well eyemakeup, black fishnets, and chains WILL do that to a person, eh?

This time round since I didn't have much hair to "goth up" I extended my eye-makeup further out than ever before, drawing random designs on the sides of my face, and down my cheeks. It turned out pretty freaking cool (None of us had cameras :( or there would be pics), if I may say so myself.

Oh! To be in the club again, feeling the beat, moving with the music, and just being free of all care and thought. It was so great! The bouncers totally remembered us, though we hadn't been in like 7 months, and we got in free as usual for being such regs. Word. Karisha (bartender) remembered me too and I told her why I hadn't been around for a while. She couldn't believe what happened; I even showed her my scars.

Dancing was amazing. Good music, my leg didn't hurt anywhere like I thought it would, and I even found myself thinking I am finally beginning to make progress. It even made me want to try running then and there (I didn't.) We went upstairs when we got tired and found Sean and Co., danced a few songs with them, everyone just having a great time.

The night went really fast, and before we knew it, time to go home. My right leg was only hurting just a little, but oddly, I was beginning to get a blister on my left foot. Stupid heeled boots :P

Going to and from the club people rolled down their windows and whistled or yelled (I assume at Pink and Turtle), but I totally waved and thanked them both times.

We stopped at Denny's for a late night snack and smirked full on at the looks we got. Whatev peeps, we are just doing what we love. Turtle even danced while we were there and I was so proud of her!

Basically what I want to say is the evening was AMAZING and I so happy to be alive and blessed and here and living and on my feet again and loved and everything else that is in my heart that I don't want to bother typing.

In parting, here's a song (by CC of course) that they didn't play last night that I 100% love:

We sing the same song, you and I
With lead feet in deep water, we cry out to live or die
Instead we're treading waves to stay alive
Our heads above the grave but there's no one to save us this time

So I will sing and you will hear me
And join the chorus so we can start again, oh
Our voices raised are flawed but freeing
Our souls so we can change and start again, oh

My life's a painting I've done blind
With each brush stroke you'll watch me
Blur every solid line
Over this canvas I have stood
With no one left beside me
No one to decide if it's good

So I will sing and you will hear me
And join the chorus so we can start again, oh
Our voices raised are flawed but freeing
Our souls so we can change and start again
Again, again, again, again
Again, yeah

I will sing and you will hear me
And join the chorus so we can start again, oh
Our voices raised are flawed but freeing
Our souls so we can change and start again
Again, again, again, again,

I. Caved.

And joined Facebook.

Prepare yourselves, because there is nothing left now to prevent the END OF THE WORLD.


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