The Stats...

I was curious and tried to find if my accident ever made it in a newspaper... haven't found it yet, but I did find this from the North Logan Fire Department:

"AUTOMOBILES - Slow down and pay attention. Pedestrians struck by a car moving at 20 mph have a 95% chance of survival. At 30 mph that rate drops to 55%. At 40 mph there is only a 15% survival rate."

So what's the going rate for 45...?

I should be even more dead than I thought before.

God bless miracles.


Ben said…
accident? what accident? (oh, and I found your blog from fb. bless you, fab.)
David H. said…
The accident is the biggest deal around these days. Check out the tab labeled "accident," all the details are there.
Sarah said…
Amen to miracles!
greysquirrelb said…
wow...I forgot they hit you going 50mph. you are a miracle child!

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