The End.

I. Caved.

And joined Facebook.

Prepare yourselves, because there is nothing left now to prevent the END OF THE WORLD.


Katie said…
Sorry to tell you, but the end of the world happened on May 22, 2009 when I joined Facebook. I don't do the blog thing or the cutesy Facebook stuff or the whole computer thing really, until finally I got old enough to decide I cared about finding some old friends of mine, like you.
David H. said…
I so super glad you found me! But the world ended in the first birthing hours of June 1st, 2009 when *I* joined Facebook. I have always declared that the end would come when I caved and did that, so there you have it. Snowballs and icewater in hell, and the End is upon us.
JackieE said…
I'm very sad that no one had a camera! I loved that song by the way. My first time hearing CC. Much impressed!
Alisha said…
hey, i'm glad you did, because you found ME! read all about the accident, friend, i'm so sorry. I have tons of books I can recommend and send if you still want tons of reading materials. so glad to be back in touch!

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