Here's your opportunity to have a say/some sway (possibly) over my life!

I finished my stack of books, and have nearly exhausted the library's plethora of graphic novels (anyone read the Marvel: Civil War Series? Amazing! Universe-altering! Loved the inter-play and melting of all characters everywhere! I must've read 16 or 18 collections... XD)

So I went to my local library to get the next books in my ever-long list... and met with disaster! PEOPLE ARE READING!!! WHAT THE FREAK?!?!

I am now number 353, 454, and 83 for three books respectively. Wow, this must be some popular stuff! I hope it's not crap! I'll tell you once I read them... next year!!! AGH.

So I find myself at the interim with only one small book to read, and another on the list I can't (because I don't have another one of my books that goes with it... my auntie has it!)

Thus, I open it up to you. What should I read, and more importantly (without giving anything away!), WHY? Please share with me your bookly wisdom. :)


Try reading the
Honor Harrington series by David Webber it starts with "O Basilisk Station" short synopsys is scifi meets England's Napoleonic Navy. also a good book that I am currently reading in "The Book of Joby" by Mark J Ferrari a modern retelling of the trials of Job it is lighthearted but poignant at times. Yous can also look up the brazen serpent chronicles though I cannot remember the authors name. I also recommend anything by C.S. Lewis for example "The Great Divorce" "The Pilgrims Regress" "The Screwtape Letters" or some of his non-fiction like "The problem With Pain" so dilemma solved mabey

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