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Been kind of a dry spell for movies lately. This post originated back in August...2009. So it took me 11 months to see this round of 17 movies. Wow. That's kind of sad. That's like one a month. Blah.

Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs - Grade: B-. I won't lie, I haven't seen any of these. Movies like this fall in the senseless kid humor category where I put other shows and movies I think are inane, crass, or just plain stupid (my opinion of this). But the S kids put it on while I was "nannying," so I watched (while doing other things like playing on Facebook (of course!)). I will admit to actually laughing once or twice. But that's all I will admit.

Xmen - Grade: B-. I freaking LOVE Xmen, especially as a kid. From comics to cartoons to figurines, I was an Xmen addict. So you'll forgive if I was a little upset about them ruining many things. Granted there were cool things, and the special effects were everything, and I do love some Hugh Jackman, but still... there were problems. I only bothered to watch these again because Turtle hadn't seen them, nor had some of the S kids.

X2 - Grade: C. Meh. The 2nd movie didn't do much better than the first, though new characters are always fun. Not many more complaints than I had with the original.

Xmen: The Last Stand - Grade: F. Yup, straight up F. When these came out I was enjoying them so much that I was STOKED to see the 3rd one. I even got midnight tickets AND tickets for later opening day, that's how amazing it was going to be. And then it just sucked. And they ruined everything. And everything was wrong. And I hated it. And then I was just bitter and angry that I'd wasted money to see it again. I'll pretty much always hate this one because they've now marred some of my childhood. And I'm sure the trend will not end here. *shakes fist*

TRON - Grade: A. Who are you if you haven't seen this movie? (Then again, I don't have room to talk since I just BARELY saw Top Gun). Anyway Turtle hadn't, so one night we decided to educate her. I'm nervous about the remake, though now that I know it's like a sequel or second generation and not just a rehash of the original, I'm feeling much better. Like maybe I'll actually enjoy it when I see it, and not have that nerve-wracking feeling I've been akin to of late... I'll get to that further down on this list...

Monsters Vs. Aliens - Grade: A. Yeah, technically this is cheating because it was my 2nd time, but REALLY it means that you HAVE to see this if you haven't. Cuz it's just a riot.

Son of Rambow - Grade: A+. A-MAZING. I will unabashedly admit to having wanted to see this movie since I saw the trailer the first time. It's SO GOOD! Now we all know (especially if you've spent any time reading my reviews) that I am an ABSOLUTE MOVIE SNOB. I own like... 5 movies. 5, people. Well, make that 6. Because this movie has a home on my shelf. Which means that this is one of THE BEST movies I've EVER seen in my entire life. And so, you should probably own it too, if you don't already. Just a really, really great movie. The end.

Where The Wild Things Are - Grade: ?. I really don't know how I feel about this movie. I didn't when I saw it, immediately after, or now. I just... If Xmen was part of my childhood, this WAS my childhood. And I'm very protective of that. I just... part of me was like no, no, no, no. You took what the book represented and tried to add layer and depth and further meaning and you've RUINED everything. And then part of me is like whoa, you took what the book represented and tried to add layer and depth and further meaning and I think it's genius. The cinematography was absolutely breathtaking though. But I just can't decide on this one.

The Sum of All Fears - Grade: A+. Oldie, but a goodie. Loves it, I do. Turtle hadn't seen it, so I made her. Because blood! And explosions! And things she can't handle! YES!!! Yeah, this is a movie I own. Think about that.

2012 - Grade: D. This movie was a joke. The only thing that saved it from being a complete bomb (read: grade F) is that fact that the characters are emotionally convincing and still managed to tug heartstrings even though the building was on fire (except where they were standing) and giant holes were opening everywhere as the floor collapsed (except right where they were standing) and a T-rex was wreaking havoc on the same floor nearby (but not where they were) while outside the whole planet earth was exploding into tiny pieces (except the part that held the building they were in)... you get it. So so so unbelievable. Yeah right. I don't buy it for even half-second. Completely absurd. You fail at being real and thus winning my approval as a movie. Sorry!

Brothers - Grade: B+. This is another movie that like Wild Things left me unsure where I stood. Tobey Maguire was soooo disappointing in the first half of the movie, and I didn't feel like his character had ANY depth whatsoever. Jake Gyllenhaal was great, though. Funny thing - I hate Natalie Portman with a passion, but I didn't even KNOW it was her until like the end credits, and then I was all, Oh. Now the really crappy girl actress part makes TOTAL SENSE. Tobey Maguire REALLY picked it up in the 2nd half of the movie, especially with his freakouts and craziness. I totally believed it and totally felt for him. The movie also drug up a whole heck of a lot of emotions bottled inside me that I don't really want to get into... but it left me feeling very resonant and understanding, I will say that. So much of the acting fell flat, and I've never been to war ("per se"... you see where I'm going?) but I knew where Cahill was coming from... I feel like he did soooo often that it hurts. And I think the movie did that. It drew out the hurt I feel in my own personal wars, and I wasn't expecting that, or ready for it, and so it ended up being a pretty heavy movie for me. I might see it again under the right circumstances. The emotions it drew out of me far outweighed the crap acting, so that's why it scored higher than maybe it should have? My opinions, my grades. :P

Alice in Wonderland - Grade: A. I was soooo freaking out about this movie. From the beginning through the middle, all the way to the end... no, no, no, wrong, wrong, wrong, I'm so upset... wait. What? SPOILER ALERT! This is a sequel?! Like a second?! Like a later story than the original?!? Like... whoaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Um, AWESOME!!! Why didn't someone tell me this SOONER? Like before the freaking film started!? Geez people, you're killing me over here. Love it! Genius! Amazing! Wonderful! Not good enough to own I'd say, but I liked it (once I understood the true nature of it's beast-ness).

Sherlock Holmes - Grade: B. I can't say I didn't enjoy this movie. Was it epic, thrilling, riveting, brilliant? Nah, not really. Did it engage me in solving a mystery a la Sherlock while watching? Nope. And I don't think that was the intent either. So I can't legitimately complain about that (though it would have been cool). So I enjoyed it (though if it's worth anything when they put it on at my cousin's (Turtle hadn't seen it) I promptly fell asleep), but I think if there's nothing better, there's no harm in watching, checking it off and moving on with your life.

Iron Man II - Grade: C. Eh. I liked the first one WAY better. Can we skip all this Thor, Ant Man, whoever stupid else crap and just get to the Avengers movie already? Because I figure that once they make that they will FINALLY make my JUSTICE LEAGUE MOVIE which I am DYING to see (better not ruin it like Xmen stupids!!!) K, moving on.

Legion - Grade: F. Ha. Ha. Haha. Hahahaha. This movie was so dumb (and not scary) that by the end all we were doing was laughing and making fun of it. Hahaha. Which is too bad. Because the idea was really cool. But the zombers were just. so. fake. And then it was dumb. And lame. And boring. You should not waste your time on this movie. Trust.

Robin Hood - Grade: B. Repeat of Alice here much? I am beginning to believe that to truly enjoy a movie I must FULLY 100% understand WHAT IT IS aka the story they are telling before I engage myself. Because I was so lost and so horrified at how far they strayed from the cartoon movie I grew up on. Oh yeah, that's because it's a SPOILER ALERT!: Prequel. Well. Why didn't you say that from the get-go? Now I love it. I think it's great, wonderful, and I'm excited for the set-up to the movie I wanted to see when I came to the theater to see THIS. Sheesh people, market this stuff more accurately so I can sleep at night!

Prince of Persia - Grade: A. I was pleasantly surprised at this one. I might incense some people with this, but here goes: I think this movie is just as good as Pirates of the Caribbean and Lord of the Rings. In fact, this *might* be my favorite in this type of similar-esque same-ness genre. *bites nails* Yeah, I said that. And it didn't make a whole ton o' sense. But it's Jake Gyllenhaal. I mean, COME ON.

And there you have it. 17 more movies down. And I'm not stopping there! I'm already 4 movies into the next post! Ha! (I did kind of see 3 movies during Memorial Day Weekend (2 of which made this). So hopefully the movie seeing hiatus is over and we are back on track for reviews, reviews, and more reviews. I love reviews! YAY!!!


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