I have to say that I'm really excited for Election Day. Because it's an opportunity for me to stand up and say that my voice matters. And it does.

And I don't have to necessarily side with either of the two parties backed by ridiculous, absurd amounts of $$$ coming from PACs and Super-PACs. I can vote for the person I believe most accurately represents me. Which is what everyone should be doing, no matter the state, no matter the party, no matter the debates.

I commend and applaud all the third-party candidates who were unable to get time on the big screen in the main presidential debates, because we are focused on the broken two-party system. This is supposed to be a democracy, not a left-against-right battle. The work they are doing to make sure that everyone has an equal voice and an equal opportunity receives not only my nod of approval, but my support. Watching the third-party debate was enlightening, and refreshing.

Many people I hear whining about how their vote doesn't count because of the state they live in. Well, Gary Johnson has something to say about that: "Wasting your vote is voting for somebody that you don’t believe in. That’s wasting your vote." He invites all of you to waste your votes on him this election, and then he'll laugh as he becomes President.

No matter what you believe, no matter what side you draw yourself ally to, please, please - stand up and be counted.

I know I will.


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