By popular demand...

6 Months without a blog.

Has it really been that long? Man, I suck at blogging. Heh. And sometimes I dream about getting paid jut to blog. Yeah, not like this.

Well. Some of you miss me, and I sort of miss me, so I guess I'll come back. :) Maybe I just needed a break? Or maybe I'm just lazy.

It's kind of funny really, how things change in your life. When I was in college, you'd never ever find me without my journal. I wrote in that thing like a madman. 1000s of pages. About everything. And I don't regret it. I wish I had written more actually. And then when I started blogging, the scene shifted and I journaled less. And blogged more. Because then other people could read my "secrets" and react. And I liked that sharing aspect.

Then things got more balanced, I figured things out, and my blogging tapered off. I guess I should be happy and chalk that up to the joys of "self-actualization" and adjusting to society. But I'll be honest - I miss it sometimes. Yet, just like journaling, I always have to play catch up. Always. It's OCD, or something else unidentified, but I can't tell anything about this past weekend unless I finish talking about 2011 first. :/ And that was always the problem I had with journaling. Something wonderful or amazing or life-changing would happen and I would want desperately to write about it, but I couldn't until I caught up on the last 3 months. Sigh.

So long ramble short. I'm coming back to blogging.

But be warned, I'm going to go back and finish my "draft" 2011 wrap-up posts before we move forward. :/ That said, I'm been maintaining my drafts religiously, so you won't have missed out on any books or movies. :)

Here's to bad bloggers! Cheers!


GwenL said…
When you blog, I feel young again... Like we're back in those apartments in Provo, figuring out who we are :)
David Hulet said…
Gwen: Awww, thanks. I miss those days so much. The days of sorting ourselves may have been some of the most painful, but they remain some of the brightest as well because of people like you.

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