[BACKPOST]: Top of the Charts in 2011

So here we are again, except this year I'm posting this in October. So 2010 clearly wins. And you've all been good and read the Best of 2011..., right? You better! Also, can I just say - part of the reason I think I procrastinate posts like this (and the Best of's) is because they take SO LONG! I can't just gush and his "publish." These posts take work, editing, setup, comparison, etc. This post took me like 4 hours to completely write.

The numbers are pretty interesting this go-round, and I'd say they have definitely been affected by Pandora. Because I could listen to that at work, but not my iPod/iTunes. So my #4 from last year comes in just under the #1 for this year, but then I have 9 songs this year that received less plays than the #25 last year. So there's alot more disparity in numbers in 2011.

I went on a shopping spree right at the end of 2010, so alot of new music, plus further buys in 2011 based on my Pandora loves. There's almost as big a shake-up as before, with only FOUR songs returning from last year. Although, 2 have resurfaced from 2009 as top favorites, so that's exciting. Last year was a year of Gothic music, with 6 songs showing from VNV Nation. None this time. So interesting how my listens change year to year. Okay, let's get to it!

24. Hero by Skillet (53), One of my more recent forays into rock has yielded this treasure of a band. I love them, and I'm glad that this song made the Top 25, but I'm actually surprised it's not higher up on the list.
24. The Night of Your Life is When You’ll Die by Capital Lights (53), this is one of only TWO ties we have this go-round. So that's saying something! Also, this band is fabulous. I was introduced to them via Pandora. They have such a unique style and sound. Oddly, this isn't my favorite song by them either.
23. Never Alone by Jesse Bonanno (54), he's also from my Pandora. I bought his album for this song, and he's not well known or popular, but this song is definitely a go-to when I'm feeling down.
22. She is Love by Parachute (59), I almost picked this band as my favorite of the year. But then I found that this album actually came out in 2009, though I did get in 2011, so technically I could have picked it. They are a super great band, I love their sound and style, and I saw them in concert.
21. Worth as Much as a Counterfeit Dollar by Capital Lights (60), again I love this band. Again, oddly not my favorite song. But definitely check them out if you haven't before! Their sound is original and like nothing else I have.
20. Marchin On by OneRepublic (64), a newcomer in 2010, debuting at #2, this song would almost seem remiss if it didn't make it again in 2011. Obviously I didn't need it as much in 2011, since it's dropped 18 spots, but it's still here. :)
19. Lifeline by Angels & Airwaves (66), this song has been in the top 25 every single year since I started. That's pretty impressive. I think it might be the only one! 2008: 14th, 2009: 25th, 2010: 20th.
18. One of These Days by New Crystal Dolls (68), interesting that this song made the cut. This is actually the new incarnation of Making April, at least the main singer is the same. Which kind of makes me sad, because I loved them SO much. This is either the only, or one of two, song(s) I have from them.
17. Beautiful Love by The Afters (70), I'll pretty much repeat verbatim what I said about Dirty Little Secret last year: "I don't know that I actually love this song... it's just that it's the first on my playlists, so if I just hit play this one comes on. So maybe it's here by default?"
15. The Saddest Song by Until June (87), I'm actually kind of sad this song didn't place better in the countdown. I absolutely love this band and this song is one of my personal favorites. Thank you again, Pandora. This band, like Capital Lights, has such an absolutely unique sound. I love the lead singer's voice. Check them out!
15. Tonight Tonight by Hot Chelle Rae (87), so this is radical news. This song comes from the FIRST ALBUM I EVER BOUGHT ONLINE. Like ever, ever. I had always bought the cd and ripped the music. But when this song came out... I could NOT get it out of my head, and then one day I was like WAGH!!! MUST LISTENNNNNNNN, and so I bought it. :) And here it is, tied for 15th.
14. Whatcha Say by Jason Derulo (88), this is one of my favorite songs to dance to, so I broke down and got the album. Clearly, it wasn't a waste.
13. Who You Are by Jessie J, (97), we have Stephiekins to thank for this one. She introduced me to this artist, just before she got super huge. Now probably everyone knows who she is (especially if you watched the Olympics). But I love her because she is a legit artist. The first video I saw of her was an acapella. No auto-tune here like so many other artists these days.
12. Shine On by Needtobreathe (102), yet another Pandora, yet another I bought the album for this one song. I like them, but some of their songs are too religious-y for me. This one, though has a special place (obvi).
11. Good Life by OneRepublic (110), Marchin' On isn't the only good thing to come out of OneRepublic's new album. This song also helps me pick myself up and feel good about everything when I'd rather not.

10. Bleed by Hot Chelle Rae (111), every single one of the Top 10 are on a special playlist I have called "My Top Rated." As they should be. I love, love, love this song and it was an unintentional gain when I got the HCR album. I'd put this in y personal Top 5, but it didn't show as well here, sadly. This one should be around for a while though.

9. Three Cheers For Five Years by Mayday Parade (acoustic) (121), Again, personal Top 5. Every time this song comes on, I listen to it repeatedly. I love, love, love this song. Except to see it again in 2012.

8. Better Days by Goo Goo Dolls (124), I was wrong about Lifeline. It wasn't the only song that's been here every year, here's another one. And I do love this song. None of these in the Top 10 are songs I'm ever like, "eh" and skip. It just wouldn't happen. 2010: 17th, 2009: 20th, 2008: 3rd.

7. Fall For You by Secondhand Serenade (127), I don't know where this song was last year! Because this song has been a staple otherwise, and it was #1 the first year I started keeping track. He hasn't had anything that impressive recently, I don't think one of his songs off his 3rd album struck me as 'love.' Supposedly he's working on new stuff though, so we'll see. 2010: X, 2009: 5th, 2008: 1st!

6. When The Time Comes by The Classic Crime (128), again, where was this song last year?! Because if you ask me to name my FAVORITE song (personal, not via iTunes count), it will always be this one. This is my absolute fave favorite song. I just love everything about it. So the fact that is wasn't there in 2010 is kind of puzzling to me. Because if there's a song I LOVE, it's this one. 2010: X, 2009: 10th, 2008: 2nd.

5. Disarm by Smashing Pumpkins (129), okay, so I loved this song in High School. It's just always resonated with me since the first time I heard it (prolly in Drew's car. He was obsessed in HS). Now I have it, so clearly I'm going to listen to it. :)

4. This is War by 30 Seconds to Mars (134), I don't remember who put me on to this band (Pandora?), but I know many of my friends love them. Turns out I do to. And I may or may not have used their music as a way to pump myself up/warm-up tracks for Ultimate in 2011. Like, repeatedly. So that's why it's here.

3. These are the Nights by Making April (136), last year this band had 4 songs in the Top 5. And this song was #1! So we have to crown a new winner. Interesting that no song has repeated yet as #1. Still love them, still love this song. It belongs here or even higher.

2. Rooftops (A Liberation Broadcast) by Lostprophets (142), this one surprises even me a little. This was one of my myriad Pandora purchases (got this at the same time I got Jason Derulo, Needtobreathe, Until June, etc.), yet this one has risen almost all the way to the top. And honestly, it could have been, since only 1 play separates the Top 2.

And finally, coming out of left field to claim the victory, the Top Song of 2011 is:

1. KINGS AND QUEENS BY 30 SECONDS TO MARS with a whopping 143 listens (46 less than the #1 last year!) There was a movie with this song in it that came out in 2011, but I didn't see it. This song was just on all the right playlists I guess, including the one I used for Ultimate. So it stomped the competition and wins the title: Best Song of 2011! I'm excited to see what this band comes next. They have some really cool stuff going for them. I really liked on this album how they allowed the fans to participate in the singing/recording and they used fan faces for the Album Cover. That was pretty ingenious marketing.

Until next year, keep listening to muzak peeps!


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