I broke down today and went to the library. Because I'm bored and want to read.

But apparently when it comes to borrowing something I'm clearly going to give back, my sly dodging of the radar and leaving a mark in the system becomes a problem.

So I was denied.

Wait, really? Denied? A library card? Yes. Really. Simply because I don't have:

A) A Utah Driver's License


B) Gov't ID (got that) *AND* one of the following:
1) Lease Agreement
2) Utility or Cell Phone Bill
3) Mortgage Papers
4) Property Tax Notice
5) Pay Check Stub
6) Gov't-Issued Correspondence
7) Enrollment Form for Medical Services or a Hospital/Doctor's Bill

Every other time I've applied for a library card all I needed was a picture of my face and an envelope saying, hey, I live here. What's up with all this extra security? This is a LIBRARY. I'm not applying for a friggin' LOAN or access security-encrypted files.

I just want to read books. FML


Abelard Enigma said…
I don't know about Utah; but, here you have to prove you actually live within the city limits - which is what the other documentation provides. People that live outside of the city can still get a library card - for a small fee of $25. Perhaps your library has a non-resident fee too.

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