Movi3s (Rounding out 2011)

Immortals (Nov 19) - Grade: B+. This one wasn't really on my radar, and I'm pretty sure I even got invited to see it once or twice and declined, but everyone was talking about it, and then I must've been in the right mood because a friend invited me and I agreed. I'd never seen 300 so I was worried I would be lost, but I found out it was just the same director, not the same story. The story was pretty intense, but cool, though I must say that WOW, I was unprepared for all the blood and gore in this! There were some scenes where the slow-motion cinematography was cool, but GROSS! It was also interesting to me to "go behind the scenes" and read about how much the stars all worked out and how far in advance they trained so that they could have ripped, awesomely hot bodies for the movie. The preparation and dedication to a movie part can be pretty ridiculous if you ask me!

Let Me In (Dec 3) - Grade: B-. This movie had always caught my eye from the time trailers were out, but I was pretty sure it was a scary movie, so I wasn't sure I could handle it. I finally broke down and watched with a friend, and it wasn't scary at all! It was more cute than scary, and kind of creepy too. The movie does a great job normalizing vampirism and making it not foreign at all. Poor Kodi Smit-Mcphee though. I mean The Road and then this movie. That kid is gonna be messed up.

Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows (Dec 17) - Grade: A. I liked this one alot better than the first one! The plot was more Holmes style, and Downey did a bang-up job this time, really losing himself in his character. What's not to love about Jude Law? The story was much more interesting this go-round, I like the humor "spice" that was peppered about. A well-done flick.

The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo (Dec 30) - Grade: B-. I'll confess... I haven't read the book. But I get invited to the movies... I usually go. What can I say? So I saw this. And I was SOOOO unprepared. I mean, whoa. There was WAY too much sex in this movie for me. There were so many scenes that were difficult to stomach, I felt ill-at-ease for most of the movie. And the ending was just twisted. I mean, creepy, twisted, twisted. Maybe some people like that. I was bothered by the content in this film. Though I will hand it to the actors, they were phenomenal. Rooney Mara should win some awards for her performance for sure. It was unbelievable.

And that's all the movies for 2011! I've already got a good start for 2012 though, so bring on the reviews!


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